Tuition and Financial Aid

All the questions that come along with it ... how much, how to, and who to? Let us help you find the answers so you can sleep soundly at night with a balanced budget!

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It is hard to figure out who should receive aid and who should not, especially when the heart of ministry is involved. Moving the decision to a third party can be very helpful ... take a look.

What, when, and how to achieve financial victory! 

What makes sense for someone else may not make sense for you. Personalizing your pricing to fit your demographics ... how to make it work!

YOU CAN DO THIS! Preparing for the financial peaks and valleys to make sure your goals are still achieved ... A must have arsenal for success!


If you think GraceWorks cannot help you in your poor community, consider that Treasure Valley Christian School is located in the poorest county in the state of Oregon.  If Amanda Barry (Anderson) can do it, so can you! 

Differentiating between transactional and transformational leadership and how to apply these principles to tuition and financial aid.

When it comes to finance, you should begin with the financial end in mind, as Stephen Covey's financial advisor says. In this idea of the week, Dan Krause explains the financial ends to Christian school programs.

Helpful ratios to calculate and understand the number one metric to measure the success of a financial aid program- net tuition revenue.

Why net tuition revenues are the most important metric for successful financial aid, and why the current method Christians use to give financial aid does and will not work.

A list of realities and solutions for five common myths about Christian schools that will allow you to better understand the mechanics behind them.

Everything you need to know about the essentials of having a healthy relationship with tuition and financial aid in your school.

The ethics of raising your tuition prices and from there, how to move forward with financial aid.

Here is a four-step process to determine if you will reach your enrollment goal.
The ins and outs of explaining the lack of tuition on your website to prospective parents. Includes rationales for doing so at the end.
A brief explanation of why we want an FPE (Full Pay Equivalent) system to be the actual cost to educate a child.

We're in the good years! Why enrollment trends are not changing based on the type of program.