The Case for Aggressive Financial Aid


All about unfunded financial aid and the exceptions for when it is allowed.

Why financial aid should be robust and flexible to fit the needs of different families. An important longitudinal study of which we should all be aware. Includes six tables to illustrate.

What does Jesus have to do with tuition? (3 pgs)

There is one and only one reason for unfunded financial aid:  (1) to increase net tuition revenue via (2) increased new student enrollment.  Note I did not say increased new student enrollment first.  Lots of administrators and board members get tied up in knots mentally because they put the emphasis on (2) when it properly needs to be (1).

Ten substantive ways to use financial aid to generate more leads.

How to effectively maximize enrollment and tuition through financial aid. Recording.

How to announce tuition increases and keep track of yourself using math. Recording.

A guide to giving away unfunded financial aid at your school, and what you need to do in order to pull it off.

What is the one and only reason for unfunded financial aid, and how do you manage it? Read to find out!