What makes sense for someone else may not make sense for you. Personalizing your pricing to fit your demographics ... how to make it work!


What to tell prospective clients about why tuition numbers are not on your website.

Successful Schools have effective PRICING. (1 pg)

How to respond to tough questions about tuition via email.

The ethics of raising your tuition prices and from there, how to move forward with financial aid.

The ins and outs of explaining the lack of tuition on your website to prospective parents. Includes rationales for doing so at the end.

A brief explanation of why we want an FPE (Full Pay Equivalent) system to be the actual cost to educate a child.

Christian schools must ensure a high-quality program, spend marketing dollars wisely, and employ highly effective techniques designed to boost retention and recruitment. (12 pgs)

Here's three practical reasons why tuition should not be on your website. (2 pgs)

Use these guidelines if you find yourself in the position of having to increase tuition significantly. (These guidelines would also work if you are getting rid of most automatic discounts.) (4 pgs)

Discover the reasons behind why tuition prices should not be advertised on your Christian school website.

What to consider when making tuition structure changes for the upcoming school year. With information, structure changes, and communication, you can effectively change pricing.

What your schools need to have versus what would be highly beneficial for your school, all when it comes to pricing.