Financial Aid Mechanics

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Overview of tuition and financial aid procedures.

Right about now the average Christian school is trying to figure out if their projected tuition revenues will equal what they budgeted. If the number of students enrolled was the metric used to determine what “making the budget” looks like - which we do NOT recommend - then there are likely to be surprises.

If you find yourself between the proverbial “rock and a hard place,” the first question is: Is there some way to restructure the situation so we don’t end up there?

Example financial aid covenant for your parents to sign.

Example sheet of FAQs from St. John's Lutheran School.

Example flier of financial aid options at Dublin Christian Academy.

Example financial aid policy at Grace Christian School.

Example of a 19-20 financial aid form for Rock Christian School.

Why grant financial aid in the first place?  There are two reasons.  (1) To minister to more of the kinds of families that best allow you to accomplish your mission (maximize ministry), and (2) To increase overall net tuition revenue, which usually requires a higher enrollment – although sometimes you are stemming decline.  If you have many empty seats, it is generally to your financial advantage to be more aggressive in financial aid.

If the future requires us to be more aggressive in financial aid – to survive and thrive – how do we keep track of ourselves in real time so we know that we will in fact make our budget in the fall.

Internal measures to gauge if we are giving away too much financial aid.