Overall Financial Strategies

What, when, and how to achieve financial victory! 

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What to charge and how much to give ... what is best for your school! Making the money work!


How to use marketing to improve your financial responsibility and solve financial problems- it all starts with change.

How to announce tuition increases to your parents- especially if you have a large increase.

GraceWorks regularly proposes increasing tuition, and offering liberal scholarships -- funded or not -- to families who clearly cannot afford the full cost of this increased tuition. (This requires a fair, objective, confidential financial aid evaluation by an outside group.) (6 pgs)

When it comes to finance, you should begin with the financial end in mind, as Stephen Covey's financial advisor says. In this idea of the week, Dan Krause explains the financial ends to Christian school programs.

A list of realities and solutions for five common myths about Christian schools that will allow you to better understand the mechanics behind them.

We're in the good years! Why enrollment trends are not changing based on the type of program.

Why grant financial aid in the first place?  There are two reasons.  (1) To minister to more of the kinds of families that best allow you to accomplish your mission (maximize ministry), and (2) To increase overall net tuition revenue, which usually requires a higher enrollment – although sometimes you are stemming decline.  If you have many empty seats, it is generally to your financial advantage to be more aggressive in financial aid. (2 pgs)

17 page handout dealing with myth and reality.

Here are seven rational recommendations in dealing with your school's finances. (3 pgs)

Your game plan to effectively utilizing tuition and financial aid in your Christian school.

Here's how to prepare your Christian school during the seven good years of the economy and increasing revenue.