Managing the Marketing Effort

Don't let marketing be stressful with planning, budgets, calendars, and setting goals. Let us provide the tools to make each step of the process simple, convenient, and especially FUN!

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The inspiring story of GraceWorks' consultant Simone Frederick, who put it all together to triple the enrollment of Daystar Academy in six short years. 

Slideshow handout describing the essentials of Preschool Marketing.

Recording of the essentials of Preschool Marketing.

How to effectively market your Christian school in a time where enrollment is steadily declining, and how to prepare your students for an increasingly post-exile world.

How is your school doing? Self-assess the six most important areas of your school with Graceworks' self-assessment test.

The mechanics of Christian school growth in Urban areas- how to make it happen, and who are your people.
Addressing calendar issues for marketing, finance, and fund development.
Interview with Steve Rutz. Vimeo recording.
The essentials of quality teaching from 100,000 respondents. Vimeo recording.