Marketing Planning

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Differentiation and vision (God's unique purpose of your school) is the DESIGN of the building. Branding is not just the facade in front (consistent looking literature/website/a pretty building) but more profound tasks like brand leadership (what kind of leaders and staff do we hire and how we train them to act?) and, crucially, brand activities (what we do programmatically to reinforce the brand idea) - God's unique purpose for your school.  

Your personal worksheet to track and calculate your revenue and expense details. Pay attention to the tabs, and find instructions within.

We hope the promotional options in this material will stimulate thinking of the variety of possibilities for telling your story to your various communities. 

There are a number of key action items that are critical to your next marketing season that needs to be done during the fall. (6 pgs)

Broadly speaking, there are six basic priorities for September, October, and November. (15 pgs)

Here’s the laundry list of ways to increase enrollment over the course of a school year.

A wide variety of Guerrilla Marketing tips for Christian schools, from open houses to events, and everything in-between.

All about lead metrics in marketing discussing key result areas to pay close attention to.

The essentials to marketing your Christian school to increase enrollment. Covers Branding, Closing More Leads, Generating More Leads, Healthy Tuition/Financial Aid, Quality Program, and Retaining More Students.

Here are the six priority areas during the Spring months, and what you should be doing to maximize your marketing during this time.

Here are some issues that you need to be aware of while heading into the re-enrollment season.
Answer these questions honestly to assess how your Christian school is doing... what is going well? What can you be doing better?