Close More Leads

Don't let even one prospect slip through cracks! Everything you always wanted to know about enrollment closing, but were afraid to ask! 

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Don't lose track of your precious leads!

Get together and establish a specific closing process that will bring definite enrollment victory! 

Find out what it is and why you need the "bright RED button on your website," it is a must! 

Why are they not returning your calls? How to change your strategy to get called back or even better, called first! 

Put out the "Welcome" sign and throw open the doors! Gain the skills needed to fill the house. 

The handouts to support your success in closing the leads you need! 

You have the handouts, now you also have the videos to support your lead closing success!  


For a Christian school, the essence of branding is helping current parents (and students) and potential parents (and students) “pigeon-hole” how your school is unique. 

If there ever was a time when “what gets measured gets done” really, really matters, it is the months of April and May for enrollment closing...

This form is a non-threatening way of gathering information when potential families come to the office to meet the head of school. This follows the format of visiting other professionals: dentist, doctor, etc.  

More students might consider enrolling if they knew of the school’s quality and achievements.

When promoting, there are low cost and no cost things that you can do starting today that will make a difference.


Here are principles of follow-up with prospective families.

Doing these tings during the summer could help boost your fall enrollment.

How to close more leads through enrollments.

Helpful closing strategies for principals, admissions people, and you.

What do you do when a lead isn't responding? Inside, you will find action steps to take toward getting an answer.

Key enrollment closing ideas that are sure to help get more students to come to your school.