Summer Marketing Jump-Start

What Works! Essential summer strategies to increase your overall enrollment by start of school this fall! Including practical ideas, tactics, and strategies touted by our successful clients as the "must use" practices!

 Sub Categories

These are the expanded version of the original summer marketing strategies with additional material for generating more leads, closing more leads, shepherding (retention) strategies, as well as marketing financial aid in the summer.

These are the more summarized recordings of summer marketing strategies, covering lead generation, closing more leads, and shepherding strategies all in one presentation. 

All of these schools experienced dramatic summer time increases - a small school (Treasure Valley), a medium-sized school (Kingsway), and a large school (Norfolk Christian).  If they can do it, you can, too! 

Written strategies for late spring or early summer. 

Written documents with strategies for the middle of summer, particularly July.

These are documents with marketing strategies for later summer (August) and early fall.