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"With Grace Christian School supporting our parenting, I am counting on a great year -- and a great future -- for my children!" 

This is a powerful story about a family's journey to enrollment into a top-notch Christian school.

"The only justifiable reason for organizational existence is the production of worthwhile results." John Carver

Highly satisfying Christian schools have leaders who develop a strong, defined, and well-communicated purpose expressed in student outcome terms - that inspires, aligns, and directs all key constituencies of a Christian school. Vision is critical!

Ray Webb, one of GraceWorks' long-time consultants, is one of the nation's leading experts on visioneering  (See Andy Stanley's book on this topic.)

What does the future look like for Christian schools? Thinking about the uncertain future can be hard, but Christian education is still necessary. Read more about it.

The differences between a Vision-driven vs. a Mission-driven organization, and what's important when branding and casting vision for your school.